Speaker line-up

Meet the Culinary Visionaries: Get ready to be inspired by a diverse line-up at the Future Menus 2024 event. From celebrated chefs to our own renowned chefs from Unilever Food Solutions, each speaker brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table. Explore the fusion of creativity, innovation, and knowledge as we showcase the brightest stars shaping the future of food. Discover the stories, insights, and culinary delights awaiting you from our esteemed speakers.
Rasmus Munk
Co-owner and Head Chef at Alchemist**, #5 on The World’s Best Restaurant list.
Rasmus Munk is chef at the Alchemist, a two Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen and considered as one of the most creative restaurants globally. Alchemist** is currently ranked #5 restaurant in the world. Many of the dishes at Alchemist** are matched to a topic of political, societal and environmental issues, like food waste, plastic pollution and blood donor shortages. This makes their dinner a unique experience with stories that extend beyond the plate.

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Asma Khan
Celebrity Chef and founder of the Darjeeling Express restaurant and star of the Netflix "Chef’s Table" series.
Asma Khan is an Indian-born British restaurateur and cookbook author and in 2022, she was appointed the Chef Advocate for the United Kingdom by the UN World Food Programme. Darjeeling Express is famous for being a women led kitchen and was highlighted in a Netflix Chef’s Table episode. Asma will share her vision on sharing dishes; within the Indian culture (her heritage), reconnecting together over food and  examples of dishes that she serves at Darjeeling Express.

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UFS Chef
Thais Giminez
Haya & Ilan Molcho
Founders of the restaurant chain NENI
“Neni is a Balagan (positive chaos) of culinary preferences". The concept of Middle Eastern cuisine, combined with street food from around the world and minimal refinement, has become a great success in Europe.

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UFS Chef
Jimena Solis
Karen Shu
Head Chef and owner of And/Or restaurant. Well known for her plant-forward cooking experience.
Through her love of foraging and presenting seasonal treasures to adventurous tastebuds, her goal is to make us rethink the way we eat. With a heavy accent on sustainability, Karen tries to promote a no/low-waste notion within the hospitality community. Chef Karen Shu began her career in New York city, from line cook to Chef de Cuisine for Michelin starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. She is focusing her vision now on a plant centric cuisine.

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UFS Chef
Kees van Erp
UFS Chef
Philip Li
Diego Garcia-Vega
Spanish TV personality, zero-waste chef, biologist and sustainable food advocate.
Diego Garcia-Vega is a Spanish TV personality that cooks with a zero-waste philosophy. Diego is a biologist and researcher on sustainable food systems. He hosts and writes the script for the HBO Max documentaries Zero Waste Chef. He is an experienced public speaker.

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UFS Chef
Brandon Collins
Stijn Kuppens
Leading Google's innovative global food program with plant-forward focus.
Google has a very innovative food program worldwide - with incredible goals and achievements. Changing the food chain, suppliers, eating behavior. Their ultimate goal is to shift individuals and populations to a more balanced, plant forward diet for planetary sustainability as well as individual health. Plant powered proteins play a central role in the Food Program.

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UFS Chef
Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano
Star Chen
Chief Executive Officer Unilever Food Solutions
Star Chen is Chief Executive Officer of Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), a position he has held since 2021. A native of Taiwan, Star joined Unilever in 1993 as a management trainee. Over the three decades since, he has gained valuable experience in business operations and management in various customer development and marketing roles across Asia. In 2009, Star was appointed Managing Director of Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) China, which would soon become UFS’ largest market in the world. In 2016, He was appointed Executive Vice President of Food Solutions Operations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, responsible for overseeing growth across two continents. Star is a married father of two whose hobbies include traveling and photography. He received his master’s degree in applied mathematics from National Chaio Tung University in 1991.
Angela Klute
Chief Marketing Officer Unilever Food Solutions
Angela Klute is Chief Marketing Officer of Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), a position she has held since May 2021. Angela began her career with Unilever directly after graduating, joining the organization as an assistant brand manager in 1996. She has since held a variety of positions with Unilever, including Vice President of Foods and Refreshments for Africa, Global Vice President of Business & Digital Transformation, and Global Vice President of Marketing. Angela has worked across several divisions within Unilever in many different locations. She is a married mother of two who enjoys good food and wine, good company, traveling, and exercise.
Hanny van Amerongen
Head of R&D Unilever Food Solutions
Hanny has been Head of R&D at Unilever Food Solutions since April 2023. A prolific 23-year career in the FMCG industry with a big focus on foods development and innovation means Hanny brings a lot to the table. Much of her career has been spent at Unilever’s R&D function with Hanny holding several impactful roles, leading important areas like digital transformation and change management. Hanny has a keen understanding of the innovation ecosystem and is a skilled leader. She takes a big interest in people development with a lot of enthusiasm for helping team members to achieve their goals. A native of the Netherlands, Hanny is married with 2 children and enjoys running. She holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology.
Dorothy Shaver
Global Food Sustainability Director at Unilever
Dorothy Shaver a Registered Dietitian with eighteen years of cross-food industry leadership spanning roles in food service, healthcare, media, retail, fitness, with her most recent role being Global Food Sustainability Director at Unilever and is a Founding Board Member of Food for Climate League. She led the purpose-driven transformation Unilever’s largest food brand including the creation of the thought leadership piece Future 50 Foods. Shaver is currently leading Unilever’s food sustainability strategy and spear-heading the transformation to regenerative agriculture. Shaver is a well renown speaker and writer with a collective, holistic view about food system transformation with appearances at various events including Cannes Media Awards and World Economic Forum at Davos and on podcasts including Nutri Ingredients, Food Tank and National Public Radio. Dorothy Shaver is a food system transformation thought leader with unique expertise and experience in driving change for positive health and environmental outcomes across the ecosystem. She received her bachelor’s degree in science and dietetics from Framingham State University and master’s degree in public health education from Virginia Tech.
Jim Stolze
Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremony
Jim Stolze is a renowned entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker specializing in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. With a diverse background in academia and corporate leadership, Jim offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. As the founder of multiple successful startups and initiatives, he is a leading voice in the global innovation community. Jim is also an accomplished author, with bestselling books such as "How to Run a Marathon in Your Mind" and "Uitverkocht!" His thought-provoking talks and workshops inspire audiences worldwide to embrace change and unlock their full potential in the digital age. Jim's passion for empowering individuals and organizations drives him to continue making a lasting impact through his work as an advisor, mentor, and lecturer.